I can't access Twitter / X and you didn't provide any links.If...

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    I can't access Twitter / X and you didn't provide any links.

    If you and Sen Mike Lee are referring to the same person then oops.....

    It would seem that when Owens was uncuffed, he thought that was off scot-free.

    It's likely the officer's fist bump response was reflexive.

    Here's how it works:

    Trumpists post "facts" from the drip feed release videos.

    24-48 hrs later the "facts" are proven false.

    Rinse & repeat.

    "The "uncuffed rioter fist bumping Capitol police" is Jan. 6 Jared Luther Owens, who was charged last month.

    Owens was one of several rioters who were released from custody on Jan. 6 because police officers were under violent attack at the Capitol, and did not have the resources to process the enormous number of rioters.

    Owens, a Trump supporter, allegedly assaulted law enforcement officers with a barricade on Jan. 6, and a Capitol Police officer arrested him after witnessing Owens "push another unidentified U.S. Capitol Police officer up against a wall" inside the Capitol, according to the FBI. A folding knife was found in Owens' right front pocket."


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