IMO anyone who believes in the utter bulldust spruiked by cults...

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    IMO anyone who believes in the utter bulldust spruiked by cults and loosely called "Religions and "RELIGIOUS" groups" must be treated with extreme suspicion. And that is every varied group of storytellers, not just the majors. It is in the vested interest of the corrupt leaders of these outfits to bring in all and sundry to milk them for funds.

    It is so totally unnecessary to be a member of any of these woeful organisations if you want to help others which is so often the claim of those within the "organisation", and over the decades I have found a few extremely honest decent church believers lost in the absolute multitude of crooks, charlatans, and evil kiddie fiddlers hiding behind the cultish crowd.

    Most happy clappers and weirdos posing as church people simply disgust me. I was raised as a christian child but never believed a word of the fanciful stories of the ministers - and still don't.

    Even our PM is a "worry" IMO since he seems to be another misguided cult believer - if he is so easily led in this, then how the hell can he ever make rational decisions in government?
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