" Wonder what special services Keneally provides to make her...

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    " Wonder what special services Keneally provides to make her such a protected species within the ex union hacks? Whatever they are ….. they certainly work wonders given she has a track record of adjective failure in any political matter she attempts. "

    Yep, we don't know why. I'm not going to smear her by calling her a lewinski so, hmm, maybe she has some crap on someone inside the party? It just makes no sense because she doesn't attract voters.

    I was working on a friend's farm about a decade ago and we were rounding up his sheep. Anyway, this large ewe that we chased up from a far paddock just flops down, dead. So my mate the farmer tips it on its side and begins pressing the ribs, trying to get air into its lungs. After 30 seconds, the ewe comes back to life and stands up. Then it wobbled and just dies again.
    So, same thing, pressing the ribs around the heart and hey presto, comes back to life and stands up, before carking it again.
    My mate tries a third time and yep, comes back to life, walks a bit then falls over dead. 'That's enough.' he says. 'It's dead'. So we left it where it lay and got on with the work.

    If you can't see the metaphor, you have some cognitive / mental problems .
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