Labor's attack on private health

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    The privately health insured people of Australia are taking note and they won't forget.
    Not that that will bother Albanese.

    Today I see on ABC that a Qld private hospital has had to cease providing midwifery services, probably because the federal Labor govt has issued an edict that they no longer regard the services as safe.
    In my own neighbourhood, the Southern Highlands Private Hospital has been prevented from carrying out pacemaker implants, the federal Health Dept deciding it's no longer safe. People have been having that procedure there for decades under the direction of excellent well-credentialled surgeons.

    This will be a blow to the population of the area who will be forced to travel to Sydney hospitals and add to the already lengthy waiting times there.

    Keep it up Albo. The further you go with this ideological attack the smaller will your chances for reelection be. You are not just punishing the private patients, you are adding to the waiting times for public oatients as well.
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