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    Doing some work at a local Cafe today and once again there is another dog fight out the front, somebody walked by with a staffy and is attacked by two poodles who are sitting with there owners having lunch.
    What is wrong with these people, I personally love my dog more than my wife of 28 years but I don't feel the need to take him to bunnings or the local Cafe as it seems like trouble waiting to happen.
    It's funny how these idiots with designer poodles normally are oblivious, when I checked out the poodle owners they didn't show and brains at all while the two dogs done there impression of Cujo, just sat there like a confused dog. If the staffy owner had not been quick enough and the dogs had been badly injured they still would have been oblivious.

    Sooner or later this will lead to an incident, anybody can see it coming. A big risk to take to keep 5% of clientele happy.

    I would ask what makes these people tick, but there is no answer. One question is what happens when a blind person is enjoying a meal at a Cafe and a dog from a poser table attacks the guide dog.

    On the plus side it's great to see people spending more time with there dogs, but like most things there is a time and place for everything and been an entilted Gen Y poser doesn't change that.
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