Liberals on the rocks right across Australia

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    When a conservative spokesperson like Alan Jones says on Sky that the Liberals right across Australia are on the rocks its clear that the Liberal Party is spiraling into an abyss.

    You can sense the panic on this forum with the hard right pundits in overdrive trying to deny, deflect away from the reality that the Liberals Australia wide are struggling. The implications from Jones seems to be that they are incompetent which may be the case but I also have an opinion that the hard right people pushing crazy views are not helping the Liberal Party. Like in the USA the people are looking for stability and decency in govt and not the erratic divisive extreme rhetoric that the USA has experienced under the Trump Administration.

    It will be interesting to hear what the hard right pundits express in respect to to Alan Jones view. It won't be easy given Mr Jones standing in the Conservative political world.
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