Manmade Global Warming - New Extremes, page-149

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    Birdman29, how was the weather where you are, say 37 years ago?

    today though, are temperatures where you are about average, above average or below average? Fascinating.

    i see you’ve used an image of Tim Flannery in your post. It’s quite understandable that you deny manmade global warming now because Flannery made a prediction that has yet to come true.

    pity you couldn’t apply that same principle to the Catholic Church.

    using your ‘ethical’ base the Catholic church should be forever damned.

    it’s opposition to science in those long centuries known as the Dark Ages has been estimated by some to have held back the development of science and our civilization by 1500 years.

    if you can’t get your head around the church retarding science, just think if it had been outlawed, millions of children wouldn’t have been raped by members of the world’s biggest pedophile ring.

    now, a scientist made a prediction….
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