Plenty of places have had kids in school and there is no...

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    Plenty of places have had kids in school and there is no evidence ...none... that that, as a process, it exacerbated the spread,

    We are two weeks in and the numbers are spreading. Hospitalisations have increased. The evidence is that it is more infectious than last time.
    Every member of a family is being infected unlike last time. Family members are visiting extended family and their whole family is getting infected.
    This is the current evidence.

    Epidemiologists are warning the Delta variant can have a more pronounced effect on younger Australians than other strains of Covid, with people aged under 55 accounting for an increasing share of hospitalisations during Sydney’s current outbreak.The New South Wales chief health officer, Dr Kerry Chant, revealed on Wednesday that of the 37 people currently in hospital with Covid in the state, 14 were under the age of 55. Eight have not yet turned 35.
    Chant said that of the seven Covid patients currently in intensive care in NSW, one is aged in their 30s and one is in their 50s, while two are in their 60s and three are in their 70s.

    the #s or the deaths in any way

    You want to scope it by deaths and not long afflicted conditions.
    Anyway what are you qualifications that we all should take advice from you?

    So tell many abused kids...hungry kids...neglected kids have gone unnoticed because schools - being the first line of defence - have been outta da loop

    Ya got no idea do ya?

    Your claim, you show the statistics and how they would be different if not for covid?
    You care for them but don't care for masks much or social distancing and the risks involved?
    How many covid illnesses and deaths if not for lockdowns?
    Well, Mr Healthstatitician?

    Kids. Before this pandemic panic...we, as the adults, as the parents, as the responsible ones...WE were the ones who sacrificed things for our kids. Took the risks. Took the bullet for them. But here we say, "Fk em...they can stay home 'cause we sure as hell dont want any risk - no matter how small - from them".

    More sensationalised I'm such a hero stuff you are well known for.
    The hero who says, "Fk masks, fk social distancing, fk adhering to the health experts getting the moment by moment data. I know what's best for everyone.

    We will rue the day we took that tack.

    You are. Just as well you are a minority and not in control, otherwise we would have infections like USA that your fascination man Trump incompetently caused.

    Im betting you dont have kids

    Ya got no idea do ya?
    You willing to put your money where your mouth is?
    You said you are betting, how much can I take you for?
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