Andrew Bolt questions government’s ‘love forAustralia’ after...

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    Andrew Bolt questions government’s ‘love forAustralia’ after immigration detention scandal

    AndrewBolt questions government’s ‘love for Australia’ after immigration detentionscandal (


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    Sky News host Andrew Bolt questionswhether the Albanese government’s love for Australia has gone missing due toits poor record on immigration.

    Documents tabled to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs LegislationCommittee on Monday provided a breakdown of the serious crimes committed byimmigration detainees who were freed last year from the landmark NZYQ HighCourt ruling.

    The documents revealed that 24 of the freed detainees havereoffended since they were released into the community.

    “Thisimmigration scandal, the criminals let loose, our ridiculous and recklessimmigration intake – 500,000+ new migrants net in one year,” he said.

    “Orthe government increasing our refugee intake now to 20,000 a year, focusing onbringing in people from war-torn and tribal areas who are likely to struggle toadapt.

    “Or the decision last year to bring in 860 so-called Palestinianrefugees from Gaza and the West Bank, areas run by terrorists, without any timefor proper security checks. Is that in our benefit or theirs?

    “Howcould you do all that if you were passionate about this country, its culture,its safety?”

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