There is a difference here between defence and a party seeing...

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    There is a difference here between defence and
    a party seeing for damages which Porter was.

    I have become so disenchanted with political
    donations and political backhanders that
    I will vote for any party whose policy is to

    Politicial parties who reach a benchmark
    level of votes get taxpayers funds to offset
    basic costs of running for office . This was introduced by Hawke in 1984:

    "The amount payable is calculated by multiplying the number of first preference (i.e., primary) votes received by the rate of payment applicable at the time. The rate is indexed every six months in line with increases in the Consumer Price Index.[10] At the time of the 1984 election the rate was 61.2 cents for the House of Representatives and 30.6 cents for the Senate. That amount was based on the cost of a standard 30¢ postage stamp per elector per year.[11] By the 1996 election, the rate was set at $1.58 per vote for both Houses. By the 2013 election the rate was $2.49. At 1 January 2014 the rate was $2.52 per vote.[12] By the 2016 election, the election funding rate from 1 July 2016 to 31 December 2016 was $2.62784 per eligible vote." (Wikipedia)

    Pauline Hanson got up to half a mil in her lean years out of Parliament .

    Our problem is that we're all hooked on TV and big TV election campaigns costs $hundreds of Millions
    and dont the media know that!

    And here's what the taxpayer paid in 2019!:

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