Mr Albanese is just worn out.

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    Anthony Albanese to take leave from next week

    The Prime Minister has announced he will take a break from politics as of next week, leaving the country in the hands of acting Prime Minister Richard Marles.

    Anthony Albanese revealed the news on ABC radio Friday morning, saying he would be off until September.

    Mr Albanese pointed to the importance of transparency when announcing the news, referencing his predecessor Scott Morrison’s trip to Hawaii.

    Who is that bloke in the hammock? He is reading the book " Prime Minister for Dummies " by legendary Prime Minister K Rudd.

    It's interesting to note that the ALP....the caring party...the party of transparency....the progressive party has spent a few days reminding us that the outgoing Lib-NP camorra hid certain details from us; things they didn't want us to know. However when given the chance to demonstrate what open gov't is all about the ALP....the caring party.....the party of transparency fails the test. The ALP is preparing to ask us to vote on a voice to parliament. May we see the details? NO! The ALP...the party of transparency will not release the details.
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