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    Hi NL57,

    I like TA for mostly entry and exit signals, generally speaking, it does catch me of guard like ZNO did,

    I am 100 % FA on almost all of the dog stocks that we all follow, basically the drill is the lie detector,

    I generally follow weekly charts so I I don't have to even be bothered with any garbage noise during the week,

    That's why when I responded to Micky last week, I said no gaps on the weekly, Just did some chart browsing, and their is a gap on the daily, my bad, I can cop that on the chin, because I didn't look at the daily,

    In my opinion, we are going to close the gap down to .023 tomorrow morning, for the traders,

    Let's say, for arguments sake, that the gap is closed down to .023,

    That will signal to all the traders that MRQ is good to go for a buy signal and then the company comes out with 5 drill assays by the end of the week, hypothetically speaking,

    All I want to know is were we are at, at the end the week, by following the weekly chart I don't have to check in and stalk the thread for alternative opinions, of which I do like mind you,

    Btw, in my opinion, MRQ and a couple of other stocks got hammered because a lot of people found any opportunity for a quick buck on TSC before drill assays are due this week or next week on MRQ,

    Hope you have a great week mate,
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