there are two ways of looking at sustainability. one is that the...

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    there are two ways of looking at sustainability. one is that the states previous ran all disability services at a time when many were locked in "hospitals" which constrained people in institutional behaviours and lifestyle. the service was to complete the liberation of many thousands of people from dependency on the State.

    the second angle is that such people enabled by NDIS to obtain access to the 'normal' world are now able to access employment, a meaningful and social life while earning money and paying taxes.

    the old institutional system, the "disability services" that previously managed, were cheaper and quite inadequate. and so these system ensured that people with disabilities would ALWAYS be dependent on the state. never able to break free of their disabilities. this is what was truly unsustainable.

    I disagree with your conclusion. enabling people to build a real life and break free of their restrictions is very real. we've seen many more get work and pay taxes over the last 10 years than at any time previously.

    I suggest you should be looking at the bigger picture Joe.
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