“Several nations stand out for having high levels of general...

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    “Several nations stand out for having high levels of general respect, honesty, and low crime rates:

    Denmark is renowned for its strong societal trust, honesty in business and government, and a sense of equality that fosters mutual respect.[2] People feel very safe even at night, with low rates of dishonesty and crime.[4]

    Iceland has exceptionally low crime rates, with very few violent crimes or instances of theft and vandalism.[2] The close-knit communities foster social cohesiveness and a culture of looking out for one another, creating a welcoming environment.[2][4]

    New Zealand boasts low crime rates, with violent crimes being extremely rare.[2][4] The proactive community policing approach contributes to high perceptions of safety across the country.[2]

    Ireland jumped up the rankings in recent years to become one of the safest countries, with low crime levels in most areas apart from some risks in isolated natural areas.[4] The general hospitality and trustworthiness of the people foster a secure environment.[4]

    Singapore's stringent laws, well-maintained infrastructure, and rich cultural diversity create a hassle-free and safe environment for visitors with very low crime rates.[2] [1]

    These nations consistently rank among the safest and most peaceful in the world due to their effective governance, social cohesion, respect for human rights, and low levels of societal violence and crime.[1][2][3][4]

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