“Australia has crime rates that are more comparable to North...

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    “Australia has crime rates that are more comparable to North America than Europe, and for some offenses like sexual incidents, assaults, and motor vehicle thefts, Australia has disturbingly high rates compared to most other countries.[1] However, Australia's murder rate has remained relatively stable and is currently five times lower than the United States.[1]

    While Australia has a robust institutional framework for combating money laundering, terrorism financing, and proliferation financing, the lack of legislation to curtail common facilitators like lawyers, accountants, and real estate agents has been criticized, as organized criminal groups can exploit legal loopholes in these professions.[3] Australia continues to be an attractive target for Latin American crime syndicates involved in cocaine trafficking due to the high street value of cocaine in the country.[3]

    Overall, the survey findings reveal that Australia has higher crime rates than most European nations but lower than the United States for certain offenses like murder.[1] However, Australia faces challenges with organized crime, drug trafficking, and legal loopholes that facilitate criminal activities.[3]

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