New day for UK

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    Well, off the UK goes on a new day - big hope.

    But, will it work? ------ IMO, no. Why?

    Because Sir Kier Starmer and his mob - whilst perhaps of good heart - suffer from the great British disease --------------- they are just too slow.

    in their guts, in their soul, they are very conservative in nature - and, sorry about this - if one is conservative in nature - in this era where everything changes at light speed -

    if you sit back, take time to think things through, put in a few changes here and there, sit back and observe what happens -------

    it's too late - it's way way too late -------- because the issue you were trying to fix - has been surpassed by about half a dozen new technologies which have long back made your issue ---- history

    we are talking about the United Kingdom - where when you go to a market - you find that there are things priced in pounds and pence per pound - and there are things priced in pounds and pence per kilo --------- how so?

    because the UK has not even been able to adapt to metric - it's half r's wanted to, it's half r's resisted, it's half r's wanted to stick with imperial

    and it's how many years down the track that it should have changed???? - it's so far back that everyone has lost count - it's so far back that 20 year olds don't even know what the issue is or the debate would be about

    the same kids who can't work out fractions, and seem to think that decimal and imperial are - normal

    well, in a way they are - like cancer is normal too

    IMO - next time there's a big swing from Labour ---------- she'll be a wild swing.

    If it happens to swing to conservatives again instead of going full extreme - they'll be lost in the jungle like babes with tigers all around

    for the UK - the plummet continues
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