New Poll - Majority of American's hate their own media

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    Yep, the fake news tag has stuck good and proper in the land of the free. Australia is about 5 to 10 years behind the USA in most things and there is already a growing distrust of the media here. They lie, mislead and generally run their own agenda. They no longer report the news, they seek to influence. As the article notes, this was taken before the debate when it became clear to all that the media had been lying for years and covering up for him. From the article:

    A plurality of 45 percent of voters agree that there is no way to hate the media enough.Rasmussen Reports questioned 1,079 U.S. voters between June 25-27, 2024, about the state of the American media. Those dates are important because the survey was taken before the debate between His Fraudulency Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. One can only imagine what those numbers would look like now that we know the corporate media have spent years covering up Biden’s mental and physical deterioration.Allow me to get right to the best part…Rasmussen asked, “Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: ‘No matter how much you hate the media, it’s not enough?’”A plurality of 45 percent said they strongly (21 percent) or somewhat (24 percent) agreed, while only 28 percent said they strongly (12 percent) or somewhat (16 percent) disagreed. Only 28 percent disagreed(!!!), while 27 percent were unsure.

    And over in the USA Rupert is trying to influence who Trump choses as his VP, Nicki Haley!!! Poor Rupert should stick to working on his next divorce and marriage cos no one from the Trump supporter base gives a stuff what he thinks.

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