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    No i don't continue to hold just because fundamentals are strong... Im not emotionally attached like yourself is to AGY. My humble opinion and observation only, you can argue idc... Hence i sold out of AGY at a big loss but double the SP it's currently at.

    I will look at everything unlike yourself, from;
    -Chart perspective
    -The related sector
    -The market in general
    -FA & Timelines

    I guess that's why you still held when there were clear signs at the time with even Argentina struggling with no news and timelines insight

    That was 2months ago where it was about double the price or so? Anyway...
    -I have all i need to know now, when fundamentals are strong you disregard TA which you go buy for everything else including sector/market indicators...

    Eitherway i better keep your New Chart Thread, Chart Related, Don't want you making another one.

    When will news strike :O

    If anybody remembers my previous chart (Same lines as the one below) i predicted this

    Chart predicted.jpg

    Ltr chart.jpg

    -My opinion only, Speculation only, No charting experience so therefore not to be used as Financial Advic
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