NRL refs

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    Just watching this round of League reminds me so much of rugby, the hard playing different style of league is what I have enjoyed for over 40 years of watching, I know the refs are only enforcing what the rules are but this round some of the on report and sin bins have been pretty weak and some of the ones that went unnoticed got away with it, I also think the bunker is having to much say in the play, I think the bunker should only be for when the on field ref or sideline umpires ask for the bunker to look at a certain thing that they may of missed.
    Just wish League was played as it was and yes high hitting head tackles is not a good look but surely there must be a happy medium, and also the speed now that they are playing, those big forwards don't even get time to catch there breath, maybe if it keeps getting faster we wont have anymore big forwards and just fill the team with light weight speedster backs.
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