NSW needs to impose tougher restrictions and now

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    It's almost a week since Berejiklian tightened restrictions, not only has the ship not started to turn in the right direction, it's started turning in the wrong direction and as demonstrated below:


    Whereas today in Victoria 24 of the 26 new cases were fully isolated and the other two virtually isolated; NSW has reported yet another 48 infected people fully mobile in the community, yet another 22 infected people active for part of their infection and even another 17 people whose information is yet to be accounted for.

    Since July 8th a total of 400 infected people have been active throughout Greater Sydney for their entire period infected until testing positive and isolating while an additional 180 infected people have been active for part of their time before testing positive and isolating.

    Meanwhile NSW Covid 19 hospitalisations continue to rise:


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