Our ABC: Heartfelt Thanks To National Treasure

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    I’d like to give heartfelt thanks to the staff of our treasured national institution, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

    Staff across its many different output media are no doubt putting in long hours to keep the nation up to date with national coverage of this national emergency, this covid-19 pandemic.

    at the heart of ABC’s coverage is a search for agreed objective truth.

    the ABC’s search for agreed objective truth yields up to the minute information i can trust - and i do.

    no other network in Australia has anything like the extraordinary reach of the ABC.

    This is both in terms of input to programs through access to experts the world over, some of whom are on staff, and its output be it through TV, radio, digital etc and across a vastness of programming.

    it’s in such emergencies as this pandemic that we see the true value, the unmatched and unmatchable value of our ABC.

    woe betide any of the peabrained conservatives who seek to wreck our culture and society by further funding cuts to the ABC. It can only be taken as a direct personal attack.

    if you want misinformation, go commercial, you’ll get it.

    keep your grubby hands off our ABC.

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