Hmm, I thought the release of all the Israeli hostages taken by...

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    Hmm, I thought the release of all the Israeli hostages taken by Hamas terrorists was the first condition before any move towards a halt of activities in Rafah by Israel.
    Has everybody on this website forgotten about the terrorist acts of murder and taking of hostages, of which only a 100 have been released.
    So what, we just forget about the hostages and Israel must bow to the demands of Hamas and their bedfellow's Hezbollah.

    Israeli Diaspora Minister Blasts U.S. for Making Gaza Hostage Release Harder

    Minister Amichai Chickli took to publically bashing the U.S. position on Rafah, and went on to accuse the protest movement of being 'evil,' and encouraging terrorists.
    April 02nd, 19PM April 02nd, 19PM

    Israeli Diaspora Affairs Minister Amichai Chikli blamed the American government for the hostages not being returned home, during an interview he gave on Sunday on the ultra-Orthodox news site, Kikar HaShabbat.
    According to Chikli, the first hostage deal which saw the return of over 100 hostages was a result of intense military pressure on Hamas by Israel Defense Forces, pressure that isnow being limited by the United States government.

    Hamas is no longer experiencing this pressure," Chikli said. "Because of the change in America's position and the pressure they are putting on us not to operate in Rafah."
    "As a policy," he added, "America is making it harder to free the hostages"
    During the interview, Chikli also took aim at the group Brothers-In-Arms, an organization made up of male and female reservists who rose to prominence during the judicialoverhaul protests last year.

    Chikli called the protest an act of "barbarism."
    "Brothers in Arms' entire purpose is to incite division and hatred," the minister said.
    "It's an evil and harmful organization. Their intentions are not pure, they have no love forIsrael," he said.

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