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    well-intentioned article that sounds sort of dumb, in that is blames having children for the problems. In reality, it seems the countries that have the lower birth rates are those consuming the most resources

    these articles seem to promote psychopaths like Nikki Haley making imperialist war on other nations

    * USA 1.80 births per woman (2016)

    * Australia 1.81 births per woman (2016)

    * Italy 1.35 births per woman (2016)

    * Germany 1.50 births per woman (2016)

    * UK 1.80 births per woman (2016)

    * Brazil 1.73 births per woman (2016)

    * China 1.62 births per woman (2016)

    * Russia 1.75 births per woman (2016)

    * Iran 1.66 births per woman (2016)

    * India 2.33 births per woman (2016)

    * Pakistan 3.48 births per woman (2016)

    The highest fertility rates are found in countries located in Africa. Based on World Bank data from 2017, the highest fertility rate can be found in Niger, where the rate is 7.2. Somalia has the next highest fertility rate of 6.2. The Democratic Republic of Congo comes in third place with a fertility rate of 6.0.
    Other nations with high fertility rates include:
    Looking at the data from another angle, the countries and dependencies with the lowest fertility rates are the Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, and Puerto Rico, each of which have a fertility rate of 1.1. Singapore and Moldova also have low rates at just 1.2.

    Other nations with low fertility rates are:
    These nations are just a few that fall below the worldwide fertility rate of 2.4.


    The 20 countries facing population collapse




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