interesting propaganda poster but can you please list the source...

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    interesting propaganda poster but can you please list the source of the 11 million? thanks

    for example, we know 6 million Jews (whatever the real number was ) were killed by German (Christian-Anticommunists), Ukrainian (Christian-Anticommunists), Lithuanian (Christian-Anticommunists) , Estonian (Christian-Anticommunists), Latvian (Christian-Anticommunists), Polish (Christian-Anticommunists) and indirectly from British & American (Christian-Anti-Nazis) bombings.

    we know 20 million Christians died in WW1 and a greater amount in WW2

    we know Jewish individuals were involved in promoting & financing these Christian wars

    we know Jewish bankers arranged the financing of Japanese militarism (Jacob Schiff) and also accused of financing Jewish led Boshevism, where the millions of deaths are unknown
    now, returning to the question of 11 million dead Muslims since 1948, lets make a list of what Wiki says:

    1. 1953 - deaths 300 killed in the CIA sponsored Operation Ajax in Iran

    2. Hafez al-Assad Syria say 50,000 CIA Muslim Brotherhood extremists killed

    3. Lebanese Civil War - 150,000 killed in war started by Israel-sponsored-Christian militias

    4. 2,000,000 in Afghan-Soviet war, where USSR & USA armed both sides; where USA created Taliban & Al Qaeda

    5. 500,000 Iraqi and Iranian soldiers died in the Iraq-Iran War where Iraq was supplied & funded by the USA to make war on Iran

    6. 1st Iraq War - 50,000 killed by USA

    7. 2nd Iraq War max 655,000 total deaths (over 90% of them violent) as of June 2006 in war by USA & Australia

    8. Libyan War by NATO & USA

    9. 586,100 killed in Syrian War, where Syria is attacked by Saudi-Qatar-Turk-NATO-US-Israeli mercenaries

    10. Yemen - 100,000 dead from US drones and US-UK-German, etc, supplied Saudi weapons

    therefore, were is the 11 million true Muslims killed by Muslims?

    John 8.44
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