The humiliation of generations upon generations culminating to...

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    The humiliation of generations upon generations culminating to the crescendo of looking inward when communism took over from the corrupt fuedal system under the Kuomintang is burnt into the national psyche. Every and any western forces that wanted a piece of the action were in town pre-WW2 and took what they wanted with impunity. If they don't learn from these humiliation they deserved to get their country carved up like the past.

    Taiwan's mistake was not being opportunistic in 2008 prior to the Olympic Games! They didn't get US approval haha. Chicken sheet Taiwanese can now flex their puny biceps because US need some distractions. Hell if I were the Americans, I would squeeze every ounce of their chicken sheet aspirations because they are very useful. It's like strapping carrot in front of a donkey's forehead and sucker then to keep doing the heavy lifting at no expense.

    Lovely donkies. Note plural.......
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