@JCoure; NewsCorp has waged all out war against Labor and The...

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    @JCoure; NewsCorp has waged all out war against Labor and The Greens since the early days of John Howard's profligate regime.

    It's hysterical 'Dictator Dan' campaign including speculation, smear and slur targeting Daniel Andrews has been full on for about a decade.

    So what happened on May 21st?

    Australians collectively and emphatically REJECTED that relentless,fact-free propaganda.

    Yet now you're calling for more of the same - just as the Liberal Party did in my seat of Indi after Mirabella lost her safe seat in September 2013. With Dutton having decided to mimic Abbott the lesson Australians delivered on May 21st has not only not been learned, it's been rejected.

    So what happened next time round in Victoria, in WA, in my seat of Indi? Annihilation of the Liberal PArty.
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