As a Brisbane resident I love the fact we are getting the...

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    As a Brisbane resident I love the fact we are getting the Olympics. We have significant infrastructure issues with roads becoming parking lots. This is particularly evident on the Motorways between Brisbane and the Sunshine and Gold Coasts. Our sporting venues are outdated.

    The beauty of this bid is the Qld government will make everyone else contribute through the Federal government. They will blackmail the Feds through the press at every opportunity. I know they will increase debt in Queensland, but we know they would be increasing debt anyway so may get some value for it, rather than their current waste.

    We know it will cost more than their budgeted $5b but we are used to that with all our projects such as Cross River rail going well over budget. it comes with the territory with our government.

    They will at least have an excuse now to increase our already bloated public service, but a benefit will be increased activity in SE Qld.

    I wouldn’t like this if I didn’t live in SE Qld as I wouldn’t want to be contributing to rectify Qlds lack of infrastructure spending.

    I am looking forward to my house values increasing, but dreading the disruptions.

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