Wazza, most of that stuff comes in the jurisdiction on the city...

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    Wazza, most of that stuff comes in the jurisdiction on the city council town planning so is nothing new and if watch things these things they seem to come and go over the years.

    Qld for a simple example, when the state was dry some years, 2005 - 2008 back during the Bligh government they gave a water tank subsidy if you wanted to get one installed, then a few years later when the SE water authority needs more sales as revenue was dropping they cut the rebate, it's not about sustainability is all about money.

    Now when you look through this Productivity Commission’s Public Inquiry into Australia’s Urban Water Sector, Council of Mayors (SEQ)January 2011 tell me what has changed when they all recognised the issues of today back then.

    Toowoomba Council has recognised this issue again starting from last December and if offering a rebate for only 6 months, not long enough but is a start.

    It all becomes a local and state issue, very hard to get the feds get involved with this as all shires have different town planning laws.

    I have 3 tanks with around 60 thou kl storage and town water connected but turned off at the meter and run the whole house from the tanks and have managed to see it this far into the drought without going back to town water, about one half a tank left now.
    This sort of setup kills state revenue, so they don't want people doing this but is the best option for future sustainability.

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