Removal of Ivermectin . Indonesian Deaths Rise

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    From Joannenova 22/7

    Indonesia has 270 million people and very little Covid — or at least, it didn’t. It turns out a philanthropist was dishing out ivermectin in one of the “largest ivermectin markets worldwide”. Then the government took it over, insisted on clinical trials,  and slowed it down, as governments do. Cases rose from 7,000 cases a day on June 12th to 50,000 cases a day by July 18th.
    Looking at the success of Covid in India, Mexico and Peru as well, how many days of lockdown could have been avoided if Australia used cheap antivirals? Not only could the latest NSW outbreak be crushed sooner, but if one limo driver had used ivermectin — it might never have started.
    How much does Big-Bureaucracy hate cheap out-of-patent drugs?

    Indonesian cases of Covid. Graph.  OWID
    Two weeks after the clinical trials began, Ivermectin and a whole rash of antiviral drugs was suddenly given emergency approval. Perhaps there was panic?
    July 15th; BPOM Approves Ivermectin as Covid-19 Therapeutic Drug
    But the Bureaucrats must be under a lot of pressure as the world turns its eye on them. Just hours ago they added a convoluted qualifier saying that this was all temporary for an emergencies sake, and ivermectin still needed trials, and only their officials could hand it out. We’ll never know, but if a Big Pharma representative was getting worried that the world might witness another ivermectin success, we could imagine them pulling strings for safety (and profit’s) sake. This is the sort of foggy statement that would make life easier for Big Pharma trolls. BPOM hasn’t approved it. Ivermectin still needs trials…

    Similarly in Australia the use of ivermectin and maintaining high tested Vit D levels would  shorten unscientific lockdowns.
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