Hi sazr. And Hi to the forum. Long time lurker, been trading...

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    Hi sazr.

    And Hi to the forum. Long time lurker, been trading based on your tips that meet my criteria over the yrs. thanks for that.

    As many here have helped me, I thought this would be a nice opportunity to do my bit and pitch in. Pass it on and all.

    We all trade in our own hard honed styles sazr. I follow the money. Whose money? Hmm, anyone want to field that one? Anyhoo, I watch for those pumps and catch a ride if a number of factors check. Here's how I personally would look at that trade. Hope it helps you or even another lurker.

    I'm big risk/big reward as far as the market is concerned. This is too rich for me. I trade 'penny dreadfuls' but with those aforementioned caveats to mitigate the risk.

    Quick check of the long term SP. Lot's trapped long-term over $6 that will thankfully take advantage of any breakout to get out, on top of the more recent trapped over $2.50. Verdict; Look out for strong downward pressure on SP after any run up into their escape range.

    Why is it rising? I discipline myself to solid news and great volume with some chatter. This was an article that stirred some interest, a little run, a 'please explain' with the resulting response to market, after market, stating nothing new here.  The ones who bought hoping the little run was loose lips were disappointed and bailed in the morning.

    Reading depth is an important skill. If I was considering buying at the end of day, this is what I would need to see to sleep well;


    Important Point

    Half of these bids are props.
    That is the nature of the market.
    I have found it profitable to learn the rules of the game and play along. I watch the depth closely to see which are the props and what way they are swinging. They mostly give great warning. Notice the walls of pressure on the buy side, the scarcity of the sell side. If the wall props disappear, prepare to dump. Check they haven't moved lower to open up a little accumulating room. Buy if they have, they aren't accumulating for nothing. If not, dump.

    I would be watching the jockeying of this open for direction like a hawk. I suspect the open you experienced sazr looked the opposite of this buy/sell side ratio.

    And never underestimate a quick flick through a stock's HC forum for info.

    Good Trading All.

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