First thing jettison the volume and all the crappy indicators...

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    First thing jettison the volume and all the crappy indicators cluttering up the chart it is all unnecessary distraction.
    I would review the trade this way
    Monday is Day one of the weekly template and sets the initial high and low for the new week.
    Tuesday is the First Green Day which tells us to look for buys down low on Wednesday. Another thing about Tuesday is that
    higher highs on the inside of the trading range is our dump and pump template. This means to expect a dump Wednesday and possibly a trend continuation on Thursday or Friday.
    Entry is price above the 20wma on the five minute chart. Paul Tudor Jones always used to say try to make your buying price be today's closing price.
    Set a stop loss just beneath todays lows and set a sell order at the round numbers of 2.50.

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