Russia NAH- Israel YEP !

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    A similar posting I found elsewhere...............and the following in my opinion.

    Our MSM --------------- hypocrites.

    -Russiasend missiles into a children's cancer hospital in Kiev. As reported Many killed
    - Not much coverage on MSM -NOTHIN of note and no going comments,
    -Protests at Universities NO !
    -Protests at RussianEmbassies NO !
    -Protests anywhere -NO ?
    -Labor sends a Paper Shuffling (appears to be) clerk to summon the JewishAmbassador for a dressing down (?)
    -Was he instructed to warn the Ambassador not to attack Hezbollah? (not sure)
    -Is Hezbollah (H T) a pact of terrorists who keep attacking Israel?
    -Maybe HT is same as Hamas (H) -- the latter seems to be supported by Labor ?
    -Was H and HT declared groups of Terrorists ?
    -Israel has never been declared a group of Terrorists !

    Our LABOR seem to be coming/showing some form of HYPOCRICY ? Yes/No !

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