@PhantomGWW; that missile attack killing kids in Kiev and...

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    @PhantomGWW; that missile attack killing kids in Kiev and destroying a children's hospital is sickening and utterly reprehensible - it's a war crime!

    Even more disturbing is that the US has enabled Netanyahu's genocidal regime to commit literally thousands of such war crimes with impunity. Nothing has been done about the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed throughout Palestinian territories since 1947 and since October 7th US President Biden's Administration and Netanyahu's Regime have established a new low humanitarian benchmark.

    The new low humanitarian benchmark is one that Putin's Regime may now be emulating.

    For example; it's been reported by the United Nations today that its buildings including schools, aid distribution centres, refugee camps and medical facilities have been attacked on 453 occasions since the atrocities allegedly committed by Hamas on October 7th, 2023:



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