so you couldn't find enough outrage? is that your point?how...

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    so you couldn't find enough outrage? is that your point?

    how disappointing for you..... or is it what you want to find in order to create some sort of attack on the Lab govt?

    the real fact of the matter is the difference between Israel and Russia and the difference between Ukraine and Gaza:
    • Israel has championed itself as a moderate state which holds democracy and humanitarian ideals: Russia does not.
    • Russia has conducted some wars during Putin's reign: Israel has treated Gazans as a captive ghetto allowing minimal subsistence for decades
    • Ukraine is a fully functioning state with full democracy, a military and a manufacturing base: Gaza is a captive territory where the economy has been tightly controlled by Israel for decades and democracy has been restricted to militia groups, and orchestrated by Israel
    • Ukraine is a vast country which provides food to the whole world: Gaza is reliant on Israel for food and water, energy and security.

    the differences are vast. one is capable of fighting back, while Gaza is like a small mouse caught in a box it cannot escape. one is supposed to be a "fair battle" while Israel is like a cat playing with, torturing the mouse.

    there were plenty of protests against Russia's invasion, and plenty of action in the UN and by nations, including "heavy sanctions" while there has been no penalty or even discouragement against Israel with the leading countries actually supporting Israel.

    the hypocrisy is all yours.
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