You war-mongering idiots don't seem to realize the fact, that...

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    You war-mongering idiots don't seem to realize the fact, that the longer EU and US keep "helping" Ukraine (with loans which Ukraine will not be able to repay for decades, if ever), the longer this conflict will last. Which means more suffering, more deaths and more destruction for Ukrainians.

    More deaths and destruction for Ukrainians, whose government is considering extending the conscription age to include anyone between 17 and 70 years old.

    Yay. Hooway. Victory is near.

    You and your ilk are disgusting. And despite the fact that you're trying to present yourself as "pro-Ukrainian" - you are NOT.
    You seem to be saluting every effort of the Ukrainian government at annihilating whatever remains of the Ukrainian infrastructure and population.

    You and your ilk don't care about ordinary Ukrainians. It's obvious. Your only job here is to parrot and regurgitate any piece of anti-Russian propaganda you can find.

    Shame on you.
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