@Lt RipleyAlright Lt Liar, or Liar1973 or who ever you are...

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    @Lt Ripley

    Alright Lt Liar, or Liar1973 or who ever you are today. I'll take that spineless, unoriginal and frankly lazy response as confirmation you know you've just contradicted yourself. Well done. Give yourself a round of applause. Genius Inc.

    Nato didn't partition anyone, no one mentioned partitioning, so quit the pathetic partition deflection attempt.

    You cry daily about a Nato "intervention" in Serbia which according to you was "wrong" (although it was justified to prevent war crimes) yet you cheer on Putin's invasion of Ukraine (which is unjustified and is causing war crimes).

    Smells a hellava lot like hypocrisy to me.

    Faux peace.
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