I didn't see any mention of the GOP in the referenced/summarised...

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    I didn't see any mention of the GOP in the referenced/summarised article? Maybe contact the reporter with your critiques about the content. https://kyivindependent.com/avdiivka-defense-uncertain-as-ukraine-struggles-with-fortification/
    Thanks though, because the Ukrainian personnel shortage was missed.
    • Among the most serious issues reported all along the front line is that Ukraine is facing a major personnel shortage – particularly in the infantry.
    • To reinforce infantry units after heavy losses, Ukraine has transferred soldiers from units specialized in artillery or logistics to infantry positions [...]. This means soldiers deployed on the first defensive line may not even know the basic survival skills of an infantryman, which results in even more casualties.
    • Serhii, a 20-year-old artilleryman with the 59th, said that his originally 64-man artillery group had sent 15 men to the front line. He said most of them had been killed in their first days there. He attributes it to the fact they "knew almost nothing" about being in the infantry. Only four out of 15 survived.
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