Wake wake...modern war is terrorism.No knights in armour mounted...

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    Wake wake...modern war is terrorism.

    No knights in armour mounted on their steeds
    charging one another on the well defined battlefield
    with the townsfolk looking on from the hill.

    Nowadays its indiscriminate killing by both sides.

    For that reason, war is the problem; not the answer
    whatever the propaganda masquerading moral principles.

    The ultimate will be a Nuke WW3 and that can't be justified
    no matter who seeming meritorious the "high faluting"
    moral dictums are and this war, if escalated as per your
    wishes is simply an entree to the Nuke WW3 as per the Doomsday Clock

    That's why, IMO, both you and Andy have a Lemming instinct ; advertently
    or inadvertently

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