Which part of what I said then are you disputing or calling into...

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    Which part of what I said then are you disputing or calling into question Keg ? Spell it out.
    Your imagining I was "angry" is just that....your imagination.
    By the way where's buddy and fellow Putin fanboi Trickster gone I wonder ? The poster well known for lacking objectivity, blinkered and full of pro Russian bias who wasn't prepared to consider the possibility at that time it could have been Russian ? On that date...the day after (my time) the incident there were no grounds for Trickster to have said what he said and investigation had barely begun....the very and only point I sought to make then...in fact it wasn't until 10 months later in September 2023 the Polish Prosecutor's Office finally announced their opinion and assessment which concluded the explosion was probably caused by an out of control S300 air defence missile.
    Hardly a surprising outcome really when the Russian Federation launched such a large scale attack on Ukrainian infrastructure from a variety of directions using varied weaponry and launch platforms including flirting with attacks very near the Ukrainian/Polish border.
    But you would have been cheering it all on then too I imagine and of course Putin bears no culpability for such outcomes in your "little" book does he !
    You're flogging a dead horse (or a few scattered remnant bones of it anyway) with this repeated regurgitation of ancient history Keg and best you finally moved on I think.

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