The USA/NATO Rules Based Order. If they decide its OK to kill...

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    The USA/NATO Rules Based Order. If they decide its OK to kill children then its OK to kill children. This is Madaline Albright former US Sec of State,

    And this is NOT a one off of course. Its something America/NATO has done constantly and unashamedly since WW3, when they dropped 2 nuclear bombs on 2 cities in Japan. When you drop as nuclear bomb on a city you deliberately kill and maim thousands of babies and children. And just recently the USA has done everything to keep Israel's bombing campaign of GAZA fed with USA bombs and not even condemning Israel for openly admitting that they deliberately targeted the GAZA hospital.

    So now reflect on the Ukraine propaganda bots shedding crocodile tears over the missiles that fell on that Ukraine hospital. The vile Ukraine propaganda bots are deliberately using the deaths of those children and others to try and win political points over Russia. That's all they care about. What disgusting scum they are!
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