tangs claimed that India was cutting it's ties with Russia....Is...

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    tangs claimed that India was cutting it's ties with Russia....
    Is anybody here keeping count on how many times tangs has been wrong?

    Are Russians and Indians Brothers Forever?

    When India thinks of Russia, the first word that comes to mind is "companion";

    Russia is not just a companion in our nation's times of joy and sorrow. Russia is a true friend to India;

    In Russia, temperatures may drop below zero, but the relationship between India and Russia always remains positive;

    Russia is a reliable friend to India in any weather;

    When our students found themselves in a conflict zone in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin helped them evacuate safely;

    India and Russia work shoulder to shoulder to bring new energy to global prosperity.

    These expressions were used by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his interaction with the Indian community in Moscow.

    Russia was the country chosen for Modi's first foreign visit after his re-election. The expansion of the "special privileged strategic partnership" between the countries during this visit was a real "black swan" event for the West.

    Military, transport, energy, peaceful nuclear activities, agriculture, science and technology, shipbuilding, maritime industry, healthcare, polar research, nanotechnology, and more - it's easier to list the areas where the two sides did not agree to expand cooperation.

    Russia gained a much-needed competitor to China. Consider this: now the two most populous countries in the world will compete to get the best terms from the country with the largest natural resources reserves.
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