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    What evidence leads you to conclude that the US has become a tad isolationist in the last 15 years ?
    How exactly did you come to this astonishing conclusion ?
    Not surprising that your having trouble finding any evidence for your isolationist claim. .

    Russia is run by a capitalist government which, in an iron fisted and ruthless manner, represents the interests of the capitalist oligarchy .
    As do all governments in the world.
    But Russia (since 1917) is not an imperialist expansionist nation like the US. It is not a fascist government (yet) although the US would have no problem with any fascist government if it was obedient to US interests, like the fascist riddled government of Ukraine.

    The WSWS isn't "laying into Biden", it is simply stating facts - Biden/Blinken have been lying about an immanent Russian invasion of Ukraine.
    It is the US which is driving this confrontation, it is the US which sees Russia as an obstacle to it's aims and is determined to destroy Russia up too and including by nuclear war.
    Then China.

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