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STTCOMP MEI FA Long Meteoric Resources [gold Brazil] MC ~$50M SP...

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    Meteoric Resources [gold Brazil]

    MC ~$50M
    SP ~5.1 cents
    Cash ~$4M [CR done @ 3.2 cents to accelerate exploration]

    Putting this in as a highly speculative punt. It has already run a little bit on good initial drill reports [visible gold in 2 out 8 holes... awaiting assays which are due in next couple of weeks according to the company]. High profile Tolga Kumova is in for a 12% holding... doesn't necessarily mean much but you would think he gets the better sort of info.

    Fairly small area, in the middle of absolutely nowhere, deep in the wilds of Brazil but historical bonanza grades of gold and extensive artisan mining currently in progress [will the drill team need an armed escort one wonders??]

    Recent investor presentation...

    Disclosure: I hold a modest parcel
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