Up 10 5 % Now on the sausage market . stock code yahoo [ATTACH]...

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    Up 10 5 %  Now on the sausage market . stock code yahoo


    Makes for some interest for the aftermarket traders amongst us when you get a stock you can can follow through different exchanges which mind you their are quite a few on the asx listed both from other countries and from our on others ive just found a list of them all somewhere .

    You would think with a head like a prawn somewhere their would be a list of stocks traded on other exchanges and on the asx . Resource stocks seem be the most from some research done lastnite before the brian got side tracked on exploring rulings etc to this  and understanding the differences etc which may effect them .

    Oh the mind can wander so easily when shaking the rust of it .  Discovered the broker cmc markets now uses trading view for their charts on the standard program .We use incredible charts but i do use the broker at times as well .  Just don't have the skills of the stt darlings to be able do two thing at once .

    Women are from Venus men are from mars is a book i read many years  .

    Anywaffle was thinking of getting a watchlist of duel listed stocks going so if you know a few throw them up on the weekend thread we can share around some research through the week perhaps their @Kangagirl Maybe a request by the thread opener can be placed please for the weekend .

    I promise not to forget valentines day as long as you don't .

    Im getting words like Marc Jacob thrown round here .

    Personally Versace Pour Homme for men .  For years now if i can be bothered throwing it on .

    Kangaboy may like it for a surprise if he has any space on the bathroom sink

    For some market trivia an we started a watchlist few weeks ago  on stocks in India connections on the asx .

    Senderos all over fnd with the tipping .  Zip did fifty million their trying break into the buy now pay later market .


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