Ladies and Gentleman of the STT, Lets talk Super Hits... And I...

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    Ladies and Gentleman of the STT,

    Lets talk Super Hits... And I mean SUPER hits!!

    Toying with the idea putting out a semi regular "Freehold's - ASX Super Hits" post where I post up ASX Companies which include "spectacular" results (either new or historic) in their daily announcements. Currently the best I could do might be end of day or the following day as I need time to evaluate the result myself in the context of the companies current situation for my own investment purposes. However, in the case of historic results it usually is related to an up-coming drill program near the said "Super Hit". So there could be a "potential" Mega opportunity" there or not... the key word being "potential" and not by any means a certainty or sure thing. So approach it in that light.

    The majority of these "Super hits" that I find, I discard, as I'm looking for very particular investment criteria (which I will not name) but these are fairly inherently rare. It occurred to me that perhaps someone out there in STT land might benefit from this info (and over time potentially score a bag or even a multi-bag) even if I don't and that's fine. Would like to know if you do though.

    I will endeavor to only post new results or new historic results that I have not seen before (...been doing it very successfully for 12 mths now). If you think this info might be useful then let me know otherwise I will refrain from posting it up and spamming the STT threads.

    Currently I read (Skim) and review almost "every ASX announcement" released every day you might expect I'm very busy so don't have a lot of time for replies and correspondence.

    Why am I posting this info to the STT? .. well I have long standing connection/history with the STT (that the old timers here might remember). So seems logical that its here that I debut the info initially. Ideally I will publish here 1st before anywhere else.

    So down to business. What did my research unveil today ? This is the net result of my ASX Ann reading/research today 22nd Feb 2021.
    Format: Ann Date: Stock ticker, Drill Result reported

    SUPER HITS (announced on ASX: 22/02/2021)

    ODY, 7m @ 157.3 g/t Au

    KAU, 12m @ 24.26 g/t Au

    CEL, 131m @ 2.3 g/t Au


    In his case ODY and CEL reported historic results relevant to their upcoming or recent drill program and KAU reported new results.

    I should note that there were many high grade results reported in company Anns today. All happened to be gold stocks coincidentally (8 companies in fact) but these above in RED were the best of the best so to speak. I will publish the lesser ones today but in future I won't because I only want to draw attention the best of the best. The ones below I consider not generally worthy of reporting to give you some context.

    Here are my rejects for 22/02/2021.

    22/02/2021: IDA, 5m @ 24.35 g/t Au
    22/02/2021: EMU, 3m @ 42.168 g/t Au
    22/02/2021: ZNC, 8m @ 7.4 g/t Au
    22/02/2021: SRN, 40m @ 3.01 g/t Au
    22/02/2021: G1A, 12m @ 6.7 g/t Au

    So "quality" only not quantity. Occasionally a company will report high grade results from a neighbors property which I still think is relevant in terms of nearology. So I will still publish.

    How to best to use this info you ask ?
    Well, 1stly look a the companies Ann for the date yourself. Do a search for the result and make your own judgement whether its investment worthy or not.

    2ndly, I guess, then review what this result means in terms of investment potential against what your what your currently looking at short term and see if it stacks up which is better.

    3rdly, Decide to invest or not! simple.

    What if Freehold missed something "Magnificent"?
    Then by all means reply to my latest super hits post and let me (and everyone else) know. Be sure to include the Date of the Ann, the Company Ticker and of course the "Super Hit".

    Cheers FH

    PS: Any feedback would be useful
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