Short Term Trading Weekend Lounge: 18 - 20 June, page-2

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    Happy weekend traders

    What advice would you offer a person who is new to trading?

    It's been said that we learn the important things the hard way, but what if there was a way for you to give someone a head start in trading? The question might have been asked here before, but you may have discovered something since. The advice may be technical, fundamental or philosophical in nature. It could be about something specific or wide ranging and could be a simple phrase or something much longer. Perhaps you have just one thing that you really want others to know - a core belief gained through experience. It may have been something you learned in theory before you found it to be true in practice. But even if it could be found in a book, you have found this through bitter experience. It might be something that you are concerned others may not be aware of, or something you think even experienced people can miss.

    Anything goes…get on your soapbox and give us your best advice.

    Extra TA questions

    Linear charts, logarithmic charts…or both?

    Candle wicks/shadows or candle bodies when drawing/anchoring your trendlines?
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