correct - done halfway smartly it would be a boon for the future...

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    correct - done halfway smartly it would be a boon for the future

    there should be enough money in it to provide free education at all levels for all Australians - expand education to 'real' education.

    Also, develop some tax areas for technology hubs and god knows what.

    Chuck in a large health care upgrade

    we are a mere 25 million population -

    there's 7 BILLION people looking for nuclear waste permanent storage

    France alone has more stations than a railway network - and it just happens to be a high tech nuclear builder.

    Oz has this by the short and curlies and it's one little spot in history -

    because in a few years - someone will solve how to get rid of the nuclear waste -- Oz has this time to set contracts in cement and benefit -

    then, in years to come - get rid of the waste anyway

    will it happen??????????????? -- I suppose I might be surprised - but, ffs - we are speaking about Canberra, Ozzies, Vison, guts and good ideas ---

    so --------- unlikely
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