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    Hello @michelef

    That is wonderful information and extremely thoughtful of you to send out to me.

    I have read two papers on PEA. The way it works on receptors sounds fantastic!

    I have had a miserable day of pain all day. This afternoon I went to the Doctor and he prescribed some Endep and Diazapam.

    I took one of each when I got home and then slept for 5 hours.. Lololol.

    I then awoke in far more pain then before going to sleep.

    I don't know how people with cancer and other outrageous pain caused by illness or catastrophe cope!!

    My wife tells me there are two Chemists in town who make compounds.

    The Hospital and one other private Chemist.

    We will be going first thing tomorrow to see if either can help.

    Once again, thank you very much.

    Regards Ken.
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