mate a little bit of exaggeration thereNo Coach will be coaching...

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    mate a little bit of exaggeration there
    No Coach will be coaching players to fall into tackles.

    When passing a ball while running you will dip your stance to pass ie you wont be upright, your legs in most cases wont be straight as you will pass off one leg slightly bent mainly to keep your balance and give direction to the pass.

    Papa didn't fall into the tackle. imo
    I didn't see the other head highs but
    Tedesco has a low centre of gravity when he runs and on a lot of times he crouches and pushes himself away from a tackler front on. Thats his style and it is hard to tackle someone who runs like he does.
    Theres always a player who has that style, anywhere.

    The Game is so fast these days. There is always going to be a reflex action where a defender will hit/clip the head.

    Then there is the careless/reckless ones like the one on Papa and the one on To'o
    They're the ones you can get out of the game.

    Back to the speed of the game and when you're fatigued a lot can go wrong in execution.

    Maybe more interchanges ? per game. 5 Reserves?


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