The Albanese govt's record

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    Angus Taylor puts it in a nutshell:

    "It is now 18 months since Mr Albanese and Labor were elected. They promised a lot, including a $275 reduction in power bills, cheaper mortgages, and that families would be better off.
    Labor has broken these promises.
    In just 15 months, the cost of electricity has gone up 18%, while gas is up 28%. Australia’s inflation is higher than almost every major advanced economy. And Labor’s economic and energy policies are making it worse.
    For example, Labor is adding $188 billion in spending over the next 5 years, further fueling inflation. Productivity is in free fall, having fallen by 6.6% in 15 months. Yet Labor keeps putting the demands of union bosses ahead of small businesses.
    Australia’s high inflation means higher interest rates. Interest rates are at their highest level since 2011. Rents are experiencing their highest increase since 2009. Australians are already struggling to afford housing. However, Labor is bringing a record 1.5 million more people to Australia over 5 years.
    At the same time, it is also cutting infrastructure, adding to congestion. High inflation, rising interest rates and rising income taxes means Australia has recorded the biggest fall in disposable household income of any developed country. Unfortunately, Australians are paying for Labor’s bad decisions.
    Meanwhile, Labor has been focused on the wrong priorities. This includes a $450 million referendum that divided our country."
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